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Joseph Liu, TEDx CardiffI love speaking in front of audiences, and would welcome an opportunity to serve as a a featured speaker for your event, team, or workshop.  As a former TEDx speaker, brand marketer, and broadcast journalist with 10+ years of professional corporate experience presenting in front of audiences, I balance inspiration with practicality, powerful visuals with key takeaways, and reflection with concrete action. I aim to inspire, engage, and inform, helping people to reach their greatest potential in their careers. You can view a sampling of my past talks on my YouTube Channel or watch my TEDx talk on Reshaping the Story of Your Career.

Joseph Liu speaks at The ShardI’m most passionate about hosting seminars on:

  • Building & marketing your personal brand
  • Career change & transitions
  • Presenting powerfully

Additional workshop topics include:

  • Marketing careers
  • Interview preparation
  • Working effectively with freelancers & agencies
  • Networking skills
Joseph delivers keynote at Communigator Conference in London- 2017

A sampling of my past talks

Motivational speech

Opening keynote

Conference talk

What others have said about my talks . . .

Joseph’s an exemplary presenter. I’ve worked with conference speakers and presenters for over 20 years, and Joseph Liu is a standout. I cannot recommend him more highly.

EVP / GMAC Council

Joseph has uniquely valuable skills. He’s an ideal workshop facilitator–intuitive but practically and commercially grounded. Everyone likes and respects him.

CEO / GDR Creative Intelligence

Marketer’s Guide to Presenting Powerfully

  • “One of the best sessions of the conference program with lots of actionable takeaways.” -Outreach Manager
  • “Joseph is quite impressive. Just amazing. The time flew during this session, and I learned lots of tricks I’ll definitely use when I have to present myself!” -Business School Conference attendee

Personal branding

  • “Joseph’s branding talk was inspirational, useful, and worth recording word for word!  I loved your clear logic, vivid presentation. I hope he’ll come back again to deliver another workshop. It would be wonderful to hear more insights from him.” –Fay L, London
  • “Joseph give me some pointers on elevator pitches which hopefully will be useful at an event this evening!” -Consultant, London
  • “Joseph’s talk on the Power of Personal Branding was superb – it was relevant, insightful, truly engaging.” -Director, US Business School
  • “Absolutely superb. Joseph’s closing presentation on personal branding made the overall conference worthwhile. Great session, great presenter, very useful!” -Director of Admissions, US Business School
  • “Joseph’s closing plenary was rated by the majority of our attendees as ‘outstanding.’”-Conference Organizer, Washington DC

Motivational & Career Change

  • “Joseph provided me with clarity and focus in identifying what my barriers to change were and helped motivate me to make the move from my current job to another.” –TV Producer, London
  • “Watching an amazing story of Joseph at TEDxCardiff today. Inspirational!” –Linda Narbeth
  • “We thought your talk was fantastic – hugely inspiring.” –The Ideas Arcade
  • “Joseph has really valuable insight into what really matters in your career.” –Investment Manager, London
  • “Lots of valuable take aways. I was inspired by Joseph’s ability to walk away from Med School & still have a hugely successful career. I liked how he summarized the key things that keep us stuck and the how we can move on to be more fulfilled.” -Product Manager, London

Branding topics

  • “Wow! Joseph is a damn good speaker. Accentuating the virtues of client/agency collaboration.” –Simon Lewis, London
  • “Great talk– succinct and sparky with pragmatic insight.” –Hannah Ovenden, London
  • “Joseph’s great at sustaining the interest, attention and engagement of the audience. He’s extremely well prepared and at the same time organic & natural.” –Marketer, London

Interested in having Joseph speak at your event?

Joseph delivers closing keynote at Miami GMAC Leadership Conference

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My 2016 Career & Personal Branding Workshops Brochure includes a bit more about me and my most popular workshops.

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