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Joseph Liu- 7 Stages of Career Change Quote

It felt incredibly helpful to me to see a roadmap of where I had been and where I could go. It made my career journey feel less lonely and ambiguous, giving me the confidence to know I’m doing the right thing.

-Jessica, San Francisco

“I wish I had seen this guide sooner. It clarifies a lot of the career confusion I’ve been feeling at work.

-Chan, Malaysia

This roadmap captures the emotions and steps needed to achieve success very well, especially when you feel like your career has stalled.

-Karthik, Seattle

I’m at the start of my career change journey, and I’ve looked at many tools to assist me. This one in particular gives very clear guidance & instructions on what to do next.

-Rose, London

The 7 Stages Roadmap is simple, clear, and understandable with practical examples that can help you in your career when you’re feeling stuck.

-Lubica, Ireland

The identification of why each stage is important, the list of common activities, and the action tip(s) tailored to each stage were all very helpful.

-Brenda, Alexandra, Virginia

Pinpoint your career stage

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