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Career Resources

To get you started with relaunching your career and personal brand, here are some of my favorite resources and tools that have helped me, my clients, friends, and colleagues during career transitions. I identified many of these resources after countless hours of exploring various options, so hopefully, this can save you some time. 

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Disclaimer: Some links below are affiliate links. Rest assured I recommend only tools & services I’ve used myself and genuinely believe are useful. 

Career Change


Career Roadmap

My guide to the stages we go through during times of career change. Figure out where you are and understand how to move forward.

Relaunching Your Career

Watch my talk on how to overcome the barriers of making a major career change and lessons I learned from my own career changes.

My TEDx Career Talk

Hear my own career change story & learn about the barriers and enablers of change.

Inspiring Talks

Check out my favorite career talks, conversations, and role models who inspired me to make brave, positive career & life changes.

Personal Branding

Branding Articles

My collection of curated articles on personal branding and marketing yourself.

Brand Yourself

Sign up free to get tips on how to boost your online reputation and Google search results.

Forbes Articles

Some of the best articles I’ve seen out there on personal branding are from Forbes. Practical & actionable advice.

Canva Design

To create simple graphics to express your personal brand, I turn to Canva. Great for social media headers and basic design.

Podcasts for your career


Career Relaunch

My podcast on navigating the challenges of career change. Check out the Podcast page to learn more.

Career Tools

The most useful podcast I’ve found to help you navigate the challenges of working in the corporate world.

Manager Tools

Mark Horseman’s practical, actionable advice has had a HUGE impact to my managerial effectiveness.

Good Life Project

One “touchy-feely” podcast I tune into. Jonathan Fields & guests reground me and put life into perspective.

Podcasts for entrepreneurs


Competitive Edge

Scott Britton & guests give actionable advice on taking your life & business to the next level (sadly, discontinued)

Passive Income

Pat shares practical info & resources on how to build a scalable business. Has a huge impact on the evolution of my own work.

The Fizzle Show

Learn how to build a business around your passions. Engaging & practical. Chase (host), used to annoy me with his humour, but entertaining!


Get a behind-the-scenes look into what it’s like to create your own business. I can relate to a lot of the emotion! Season 1 was MUCH better than Season 2.

Marketing your business


For business cards or stationary to help create my own personal brand, I go with Great service, quality, and designs. I use them for all my physical collateral.

Design: Upwork

To find freelancers for help with all my design, marketing, and administrative needs, I turn to Upwork. I find they have some of the highest quality talent at reasonable prices.

Tasks: Fiverr

For basic assistance with simple design, creative, administrative, or production tasks, I use Fiverr. It’s cheaper than Upwork, although the quality varies greatly.


Crowdsource designs, logos, and creative materials. I used 99 designs for web design. Found designers here to be high quality.