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The Career Relaunch® podcast features inspiring stories of career reinvention to help fuel your own career change journey. If you enjoy listening, I’d love for you to subscribe and leave an iTunes rating & review, which helps my podcast reach more people who want to relaunch their careers. You can also apply to be a guest on the show if you’re interested in sharing your career change story with my global community of listeners. Thanks for being a loyal listener.


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Former professional tennis player turned finance professional Rina Einy explains the realities of being a professional athlete and balancing career choices with personal relationships. In the Mental Fuel® segment, I’ll explain why quitting is sometimes the best thing you can do for your career and life.

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How can you make sense of all the emotions involved with starting over in your career? Erika Boissiere, a former investment banker turned couples counselor shares insights on the emotions of letting go of one career for another, the impact your career has on your relationships, and the art of starting over.  In the Mental Fuel® segment, I also share some thoughts on the how I dealt with the “loss” I felt after leaving one career behind to pursue something else.

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Hear about the importance of bravery, emotions-based planning, and accountability partners from architect turned productivity trainer Raluca Comanescu. In the Mental Fuel® segment, Joseph explains how bravery can open up a new chapter in your career, sharing an example from giving his first big conference talk.

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Pharmacist turned digital marketer Khai Yong Ng discusses how your past degree shouldn’t dictate your future and how you can hustle your way into an entirely new industry. In today’s Mental Fuel® segment, I’ll explain how to tell when it’s the right time for a career change, sharing a couple examples from my own career pivot points.

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Lisa Abramson shares her story of how she relaunched her career in mobile advertising and PR to become a maternal mental health advocate and mindfulness coach. We’ll discuss the impact of motherhood and post partum depression on your professional outlook and the importance of self-awareness in your career. In the Mental Fuel® segment, I’ll share my own challenges staying present in the moment, and a couple ways I stay focused in my own career.

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