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The Career Relaunch Podcast features inspiring stories of career reinvention to help fuel your own career change journey. If you enjoy listening, I'd love for you to subscribe and leave an iTunes rating & review, which helps my podcast reach more people who want to relaunch their careers. You can also apply to be a guest on the show if you're interested in sharing your career change story with my global community of listeners. Thanks for being a loyal listener.


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Hear former PR professional turned co-founder of The Change School Solonia Teodros talk about how your cultural upbringing can affect your career choices and the importance of creating boundaries around your work. I’ll also share a couple ways I maintain balance in my own career and life.

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Get an honest glimpse into the life of a freelance food writer with former Nopa restaurant manager turned writer Stephen Satterfield. Joseph will also address a listener question about how to stay motivated when you’re feeling worn out by the daily grind.

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Hear how to make the most of career changes beyond your control with former neurologist turned writer Anne Lipton. Joseph will also explain the importance of embracing the natural evolution of your career.

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Understand how to embrace the unexpected twists in your career with Julian Mather, former army sniper turned magician. Joseph will also explain the importance of putting yourself out there even when you don’t feel quite ready.

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Consider how work can change who you’re becoming as a person with Vicky Dain, former corporate lawyer turned psychologist. Joseph will also explain how much your day job can radically alter your personality and way you treat others outside work.

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