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The Career Relaunch® podcast features inspiring stories of career reinvention to help fuel your own career change journey. If you enjoy listening, I’d love for you to subscribe and leave an iTunes rating & review, which helps my podcast reach more people who want to relaunch their careers. You can also apply to be a guest on the show if you’re interested in sharing your career change story with my global community of listeners. Thanks for being a loyal listener.


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Criminal defense lawyer turned chocolate company founder Shawn Askinosie discusses how listening to your intuition and investing your time into serving others can help you decide what’s best for your career. We’ll also discuss some counterintuitive ways to gain clarity when making career choices. During today’s Mental Fuel segment, I’ll share my own story of how serving others actually helped me decide where to take my own career when I was feeling a bit confused about my future.

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Chris Donovan, a former telephone repairman turned high-end women’s shoe designer, discusses doing work that’s authentic to who you are and dealing with being an outlier when you’re pursuing a new career path. I’ll also talk about the balance of being authentic while still conforming to professional norms.

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Lani Love will explain how she relaunched her career from working at an advertising agency to becoming a professional deejay. Lani shares her thoughts on how to evaluate which opportunities to pursue and how to balance your career with family. During the Mental Fuel segment, I’ll discuss the importance of giving yourself some credit, especially when you feel like you’re constantly falling short.

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Adrian Knight, managing director of Knight Franchises, shares his perspectives on how to handle people who aren’t on board with your career plans. We’ll also discuss how franchising can be a doorway to career change. Finally, I’ll wrap up with some thoughts on how to handle people who aren’t supportive of your goals and the person you’re trying to become.

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Former retail apparel buyer Maddie Potvin shares honest perspectives on the emotions of career change, the challenges of leaving your corporate identify behind, and the importance of taking control of your future. Joseph Liu also talks about defining your walkaway points in your career.

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