Joseph Liu'sOnline Courses

Learn how to relaunch your career

If you want to clarify what makes you unique, market yourself more effectively, and stand out in your professional network, check out my online courses that feature the techniques I’ve shared with my private clients and workshop audiences. Combining my 10 years’ corporate experience building & relaunching consumer brands with my professional training as a certified coach, I’ve created these courses in a way that provides you with simple but effective ways you can build & relaunch your personal brand.

As a way of thanking you for visiting my site, you can enroll at discounted rates using the links below.

Building Your Personal Brand

Learn the basics of branding and reinforce what makes you unique on social media & your job search materials. My website visitors can join for $149 (25% off regular price $200).

Master Your Personal Elevator Pitch

Build stronger networking connections, stand out to recruiters, and impress hiring managers in interviews. My website visitors can join for $149 (25% off regular $200 price).

Improve Your Presentation Skills

Develop more focused presentations, create more impact, and become a more memorable speaker. My website visitors can join for $59 (70% off regular $200 price).