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Being visible is critical to building a strong personal brand for yourself. Here are 4 simple ways to raise your professional visibility, build your credibility, and open up more career opportunities for yourself.

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Finding someone’s email address can be very useful when you’re trying to reach out to a hiring manager, connect with someone in the press, establish first contact with a potential collaborator, pitch your idea to an investor, or simply to broaden your professional network. Here are 4 free tools that can help.

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Everyone in the business world has a personal brand. The extent to which it works, however, depends on how hard you work on branding yourself. Take Richard Branson for example. He’s a poster of modern personal branding with 10 million followers on LinkedIn and many...

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Do you feel under-appreciated at work? Are promotions passing you by?  Are your talents and hard work being overlooked? Perhaps you are confident that you are providing great service to your company, based on your abilities and work record, but are wondering why your...

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A company is only as strong as the people working for it. This is not just a saying, there are actual facts that prove that a company cannot grow unless it’s being backed by a strong team of dedicated professionals. Furthermore, public acknowledgment of your team’s...

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An influencer is someone people see as an authority in a specific field or industry. Being one means you have the power to affect the way people make decisions. To become an influencer, you have to go through the process of developing a “mark” – this reflects your...

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