Time for your Career Change

Relaunching your career is hard work, but it can be done

Making a major career change can be a very lonely journey, especially if you’re making an unconventional move or starting your own business. I’ve been there. I quit medical school after 2 weeks to pursue a career in marketing. I left behind my predictable life in the US to recreate my life in the UK. And I said farewell to my stable corporate job to start my own business. Each time, I felt like I was off the beaten path, like everyone else was happily cruising along in their careers while I was disrupting mine.

Over time, I realized most people yearn for a career change. In fact, 87% of people are not fully engaged in their jobs.* Trust me, you’re not alone.

After coaching and speaking with hundreds of professionals about career change, I’ve noticed common patterns, behaviors, and actions taken amongst people who have and have not successfully made a career change.

On this site, you’ll find tools & resources to help you navigate three of the most critical stages of your career change. Figuring out:

  1. When to change directions
  2. How to create your change
  3. What specific steps to take to make your ambitions a reality

*Source: 2013 State of the Global Workplace report, Gallup.

“Joseph’s resources have helped me prioritise what I really need for my life and what I can give up.  It’s great to learn from someone who’s started doing what he’s passionate about and is making it work, but still applying his skills from his former career experiences. That’s what I hope to do too! I’ve learned a lot about career change and have decided the journey is absolutely worth taking!” -Corporate Banker, London

My unique approach to helping you change careers

My approach to enabling a career change is directly informed by:

  • My own personal journey – successfully navigating 3 major career changes and emerging happier, more fulfilled, and truer to myself each time.  Everything I share here is based on what worked for me and what didn’t.
  • Insights from coaching other career changers – as an Internationally Certified Career Coach who’s advised and trained hundreds of professionals wanting to achieve more in their careers. The tools here are based on the common success patterns I see play out again and again.
  • My professional experiences relaunching global brands – With 10 years of international, blue-chip marketing experience, my resources are built from my own experiences managing my career in the corporate world along with marketing techniques from managing the relaunch of four major brands.

Effective personal branding enables career change

Everything you do either reinforces or dilutes your personal brand.  The idea is to ensure your unique positioning is coming through at each stage of your career change journey.  This involves gaining clarity on your strengths, marketing yourself with specific messaging, and consistently reinforcing your career story with outreach, job application materials, social media, networking, and interviewing.

I apply proven methods used to build & relaunch international consumer products and companies to help you build & relaunch yourself.  Branding & marketing methods are an incredibly powerful tool to help you not only develop, but only relaunch your own personal brand in a way that’s clear, concise, and memorable.  On this site, you can find frameworks and guides to help you market yourself more effectively.

Start by creating your foundation for change

The catalyst for change is all about three things: clarity, confidence, and courage.  This site is full of resources to help you get started with creating the career change you desire.

Get clarity

Check out my career change blog for my thoughts on how to navigate times of change. To get you started, here are three popular posts:

You can also download the 7 Stages of Career Change Roadmap or watch this short film to figure out which of the 7 Career Change stages you’re in.

Gain confidence

Visit my Career Change & Personal Branding Resource Hub for worksheets, tools, and guides to help you sort through who you are and how you want to position yourself with your future employers or clients. You can sign up for a free account to gain access.

Gather courage

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For more tailored advice & guidance . . .

If you want more 1-on-1 guidance, I do offer career consulting and personal brand consulting, both privately, and within corporations and businesses, where we will dive more deeply into your unique situation and create a more customised plan of action to help you achieve your career goals.  Due to current demand, I now only accept a limited number of new individual clients to ensure I can provide the most value possible to each and every client of mine.

If you would like to explore hiring me as your private career coach, please first review my career coaching FAQs that contain more info about my approach and current fees. After reviewing my FAQs, you can also contact me to let me know more about your situation, and we can make a joint decision about whether 1-on-1 coaching could help you.