Understand the 7 Stages of Career Change


Having gone through 3 major career changes myself, I believe making the effort to pursue meaningful work is absolutely worth it. If you’re willing to take some brave steps, you’ve come to the right place to find more career fulfillment and work with greater purpose.


Reshaping the Story of Your Career, TEDx

Check out my 2014 TEDx Talk on how to navigate a major career change. Hear how I made the difficult decision to leave medical school, the most challenging parts of making a career change, and 3 simple questions you can ask yourself to clarify whether you should move on from your current job.

“Joseph spoke with emotion and sincerity, providing thought provoking career insights that made me reevaluate my career & life.” -TEDx audience member

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    Luxury Goods Marketer | Toronto

    Joseph gave me the tools and confidence to create a clear path to make my goals a reality. He was extremely supportive and encouraging during this time of change in my life. I'm extremely grateful for the invaluable advice he gave me to help ensure my successful career and future.

    Physician | Boston

    Joseph helped me clarify my career objectives and potential improvements in other areas of my life to help me feel more fulfilled. Most of all, he helped me take action on aspects of my life I’ve been wanting to change for a long time.

    Lawyer | Washington, DC

    Joseph's comprehensive knowledge of business & branding has provided priceless expertise I needed to create the on-line business I've wanted to for many years. His clear resources and advice gave me simple steps to turn a lingering business goal into a fulfilling reality.

    Therapist | Maryland

    Joseph helped me “find myself” amid a sea of other professionals in my field. In the second session, thanks to his coaching and exercises, we found my niche. Just like that! By the end of our work together, I knew who I was, and completed my brand new website. I would wholeheartedly recommend him if you need focus and a strong rudder in your business life. Thank you, Joseph!

    Physician | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Joseph was the push I needed to reaffirm a new career path I was considering. Only months after my sessions, I had the iron clad resolve to press on and continue my education in a new and unconventional path.

    Consultant | Washington, DC

    Without Joseph, I might have given up before I even got started. Instead, my business is growing and expanding. I benefit tremendously from his knowledge of professional transformation, entrepreneurship & branding. He helped me gain tremendous confidence in my authentic voice, the value I offer, and staying true to my vision & brand.