Watch myTEDx Talk

Have you been thinking about making a change, but struggling to take that first step?  Have you been debating whether the time has come to start a new chapter in your career? In my 2014 TEDx talk, Reshaping the Story of Your Career*, you’ll hear:

  1. My personal story of career change
  2. 3 insights about the ups & downs of change
  3. Ways to clarify if you should move on from your current job

My hope is that these 18 minutes can help provide you with the clarity to make a brave choice in your career–one that allows you to create a breakthrough that truly allows you to express your personal brand, career ambitions, and life purpose.

The experience of giving this talk was a true privilege, something I’ll always remember for the rest of my life. For a more details on how I prepared for my talk, read my post “How I prepared my first TEDx talk.” Thanks for watching.

Joseph’s TEDx talk helped me make a big decision in my life to move on and do work that helps me find purpose.

Ratha S.

Seattle, Washington

*Chinese subtitles available. 有中文字幕.